Hi, I'm shannon!

Nice to meet you.

About me

I'm a mother of two and a lifelong tinkerer - I love creating things, exploring ideas and solving problems. So I was very intrigued when I first learned about digital planners. Instead of having 10 notebooks and 100 pieces of paper on my desk, I can just have all that information - organized - in my iPad. It's like having a book for my life, that has all the search and sort features of a website - but it's private. It's a fantastic tool!
I am proud to offer my digital and printable planning files in my online shop. After spending countless hours (and many late nights) perfecting every detail, I'm confident that you'll love what you find!

My goal for this site is not only to share bullet journal ideas, free planner printables, self-care tips and organization hacks – but also to support you in your personal development journey so you can take action towards your goals and live your best life.

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