My Favorite Bullet Journal Doodles

Bullet journal doodles! Some people love ’em, some people shun them from their notebooks.
I’ve always been a doodler, so I love adding cute doodles in my bullet journal. The difference between bullet journal doodles and drawing or illustrations is… not much. But I’d say that doodles tend to be done more casually, quickly, spur-of-the-moment and with less emphasis on perfection (most of the time!).
Here are some of my favorite things to draw in my bullet journal!
In case you’re wondering what pens and markers I’ve used, I’ve listed that information at the bottom of the post. <3
succulent bullet journal doodles #bulletjournaldoodlesJust a little hand-lettering and doodling fun!
Succulents a.k.a. cacti I drew. It’s actually correct to say “cactuses” in English, although the spellchecker on my computer seems to disagree! lol
I love how many different shapes succulents come in. These doodles were all done from memory.
bullet journal doodles in my bujo
A lovely bullet journal doodle idea – a leafy wreath with berries. This would be cute for a December monthly page!
bullet journal doodles in my bujo
These roses were 100% inspired by Mary Engelbreit. My mother had many of her illustrations on notepads, books, magnets, towels, wall art, etc when I was growing up and I’ve always loved the way Mary’s flowers look.
bullet journal doodles in my bujo
A simple “fern” type doodle in my bullet journal. Or is it a seaweed? Or a bit of laurel?? We may never know.
bujo houseplant doodles
Some dainty succulent doodles for bullet journaling.
simple flower doodles bullet journal
bullet journal plant doodles
Dainty plant doodles
bullet journal lantern doodles cute
simple jar light doodle