simple doodles of flowers and leaves on a lined notebook paper background.

My Favorite Bullet Journal Doodles

Bullet journal doodles! Some people love ’em, some people shun them from their notebooks.
I’ve always been a doodler, so I love adding cute doodles in my bullet journal. The difference between bullet journal doodles and drawing or illustrations is… not much. But I’d say that doodles tend to be done more casually, quickly, spur-of-the-moment and with less emphasis on perfection (most of the time!).
Here are some of my favorite things to draw in my bullet journal!

 Bullet Journal Flower Doodles


My friend Koko teaches how to draw anime & manga. She taught me how to draw a rose. FINALLY!

Simple Bujo Flower Doodles

Floral Wreath

To make this floral wreath, first I drew a circle in pencil. You can freehand it or use one of these cool tools to make a perfect circle any size. Then just draw on branches and leaves, being mindful of making leaves on the same branch grow in the same direction.

Mary Engelbreit Style Floral Doodles

When I was a kid my mom had a lot of stationery with Mary Engelbreit art on it. I was always fascinated by it, especially the way Mary’s flowers are drawn. So simple and yet so charming. I added black and white checkerboard pattern to the back of the flowers, another hallmark of the Mary Engelbreit style!

Mini Floral Doodles

This is one of my early bullet journal weekly spread’s doodles. I spent a cozy part of my Sunday doodling away and creating these dainty little flowers. It’s the kind of doodling you don’t have to think about or plan too much. Just start by adding one flower and the rest will follow!

Sunflower Doodles

I was really proud of how these sunflower doodles turned out. This spread is from 2019, the year when yellow came out!

Daisy Doodles

Simple daisy doodles without being too perfect. I think I’ve been drawing daisy leaves the wrong way for my whole life, not really sure why! But daisy doodles always make me feel cheerful.

Other Bullet Journal Doodles

Konmari Doodles

After reading Marie Kondo’s book for the umptienth time, I decided to make a konmari page in my bullet journal for future reference. It just shows the order to declutter your stuff (according to Konmari-sensei’s teachings), along with subcategories. When was the last time you decluttered your tops!?

bullet journal konmari method

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