On The Benefits of Journaling – 10 Powerful Ways Bullet Journaling Has Changed My Life

When I first heard about bullet journaling, I was very skeptical. But other bujo users kept gushing about the benefits of journaling, how it was really working for them. Something in me (fomo, perhaps?) led me to give it a try, and I’m so glad that I did.

Over time, my feelings about these “bujo” things went from:

1. Oh geez that looks time consuming…. to

2. Hey! It looks like fun, I want to try! *gets a little too excited* to

3. OMG how did I ever live without this thing???

Journaling is great for people who:

  • maybe could be more organized
  • maybe have a goal (or lots of goals) they want to achieve
  • maybe struggle to keep up with everything going on in their life
  • maybe just enjoy the simple feeling of writing on paper

So yes. Here are all the benefits of journaling on a daily basis, as I’ve experienced them using the bullet journal method.

The Benefits of Journaling

1. It’s so easy and simple.

Don’t get fooled by all the fancy art journals! Not that there’s anything wrong with an art journal, but the beauty of the bullet journal method, to me, is that it is truly no-frills. I don’t need to invest very much time, money, or effort to use this system. The simplicity of it makes it easy for me to use regularly.

2. It keeps me laser-focused on my goals.

Being more mindful and living with more intention are two of the biggest benefits of journaling. Every night I refer back to my bullet journal where I’ve written my goals for the month and for the day. It keeps me on track as I plan the day ahead. When I’m in work-mode, I’ve got a simple list in front of me so I never feel like “what should I do now?”

3. I can keep all my notes in one place.

I like to use the back pages of my bullet journal to keep notes. I like to take notes whenever I read a book, or when doing research for this blog. I bring my bullet journal with me when my kids are in their ballet lessons and take notes on what they did, how they behaved, and if the teacher had any specific corrections for them. It’s great to have all these notes where I can easily find and refer to them later, instead of floating around on a million little pieces of loose paper!

4. I see my time as a precious resource.

I used to only think of my time week-by-week. Like for example I’d think, “This week I want to do this, this and this.” But, now that I use my bullet journal to keep daily logs, I’ve got a better sense of how much time there is in every single day. I feel like I have more time in every day, because I try to utilize all the little moments better. Sometimes I’ll look at a note I’ve written a few days earlier and I can’t believe how much time has already passed! Bullet journaling has helped me understand that every moment is truly fleeting – days are finite – and that I don’t want to waste any of it.

5. I feel good when I see how many things I actually accomplish, even if they are small things.

Bullet journaling has helped me break down many projects in to tasks, and tasks into small morsels of action. When you break things down a lot, it’s easier to chip away at the big stuff. I just try to go step by step. Even so, there are days where you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere – on these days, I look back at my bullet journal and see all the X’s where I’ve completed a task. Seeing all those small accomplishments is always a reminder that I am making progress.

One of the main benefits of journaling is that you waste less time. My bullet journal has enabled me to be more intentional about how I spend my time.

6. It has a great online community.

One of the unexpected benefits of journaling has been the community. Now, no, of course you don’t have to share your journal with the world. It’s yours. But you don’t even have to share it at all to be involved in the bullet journal community. There are a lot of great individuals in facebook groups, Reddit, and Instagram. If you have any questions about how something in the bullet journal system works, they’ll be happy to help you understand. Many people are willing to share their personal journal spreads with you so you can get inspiration or see how they’ve organized things. The bujo community is full of people from all walks of life, all over the world, so it’s a great place to find support on your journaling journey.

7. It’s led me to organize other areas of my life as well.

Once I got into the habit of bullet journaling on a daily basis, I’ve had more motivation to tackle tasks that I previously avoided. I did a deep clean of my kitchen pantry, fridge, freezer, and did a konmari style purge throughout my home. I started the FlyLady method and now I’m that lady whose home is always company ready – and I’m NOT spending all my time cleaning. I finally sold some things I had been meaning to get rid of for months and even years. I’ve really been on a roll since I got into bullet journaling!

8. It’s had a positive effect on my kids.

My kids have also gotten interested in journals now that they’re used to seeing me writing in mine frequently. I think it’s wonderful for kids to get into writing ANYTHING and not be on their screens. Especially nowadays when they’re playing on iPads in school every day. My 7-year old loves writing stories, lists, and answering “journal prompt” questions in her notebooks. Yes, there’s a time for screens, for sure. But it’s always a good thing when kids are just focusing on their own ideas and thoughts on paper.

9. I feel less overwhelmed.

Getting overwhelmed with my own ideas and expectations used to be a weekly occurrence for me. There was always that one day where I’d be stressed out, tearing my hair out over how impossible it seemed to get anything done. There used to be days EVERY WEEK where I just felt like throwing my hands up and ordering a pizza. Those days have been fewer and further between now that I’ve gotten better (read: smarter) at managing my time. This alone is one of the best benefits of journaling for me.

10. I feel more in control of my life.

Using a journal on a daily basis has helped me understand myself better. I’ve got a detailed record of my habits, my activities, and the way I do things. It’s easy to look back now and identify my strengths and weaknesses. In the past, I struggled with bipolar tendancies, and I felt like I was never really getting anywhere with anything. I no longer feel like I’m just treading water all the time – trying to keep up with life. I can better recognize when things in life actually ARE out of my control, and when I should or shouldn’t worry about stuff.

So there you have it – the benefits of journaling are real!

Are you ready to start a bullet journal yet?

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