My Favorite Bullet Journal Supplies

Ever since I started my bullet journal, I’ve been on the hunt for great supplies. Nowadays you can find almost any stationery supplies you want on Amazon, but with all the options it can be challenging deciding what to buy.

So I decided to make this post about all my favorite bullet journal supplies that I actually own and use. Here I’m listing only the things that I love and would recommend. Whenever possible, I’ll try to include links to buy these items at a low price.


my favorite bullet journal notebooks

My favorite bullet journal notebook is actually not a notebook – it’s these cute little mini binders I found here. I’ve got the A5 size, A6 (personal size), and A7 (pocket size).

They’re a LOT cheaper than the Leuchtturm1917 notebooks (my review here), and I really like that I can rearrange the pages into whatever order I like. I like using printables because it saves me a lot of time and I think it’s a bit more functional. You can find the printables I use here in my shop.


I like trying out new pens from time to time, so I do have a few recommendations for great bullet journal pens.

bullet journal gel pens

One of my all-time favorites are these black gel pens. They have a great fine-tip for making dainty doodles and writing small, and they have a nice “build” that feels much sturdier and nicer than most gel pens.

black erasable pen for bullet journaling

I also discovered this really cool pen that’s like a gel pen, but erasable! At first, I thought I wouldn’t like these pens. But after buying it and realizing that I was ALWAYS wanting to use THAT pen, I’m totally sold. I’ll definitely be buying more of them in the future!

best bullet journal pens

These pens are my favorite ones for calligraphic writing. I don’t know how or why but they keep their shape for way, way longer than all the other brands I’ve tried. And even though I’m using them almost every day for calligraphy drills, they don’t seem to be running out of ink any time soon. Super super pleased with these pens!

best white gel pen

Another pen I really like is this white one. It has nice thick ink that you can use to write over other colors with. It doesn’t completely cover up other colors, but it’s pretty close.


I’ve tried out a few different markers for bullet journaling, and here are my favorites:

my favorite bullet journal markers

These ones have two tips – one fine point, and one brush tip – that make them quite versatile. They also come in over 100 colors. My favorite colors are the very subtle pastels. You can layer and blend quite easily with these markers, and they make beautiful brush lettering!


bullet journal rulers

I got this ruler set from Amazon and I’m actually amazed at how frequently I’m using both the large and small rulers. They’re super high quality, accurate, and the price is great. I’m sure these will last many, many years.

Skeleton Clips

gold skeleton clips for bullet journal

These gold colored clips are very strong, and they’re big enough to hold open the pages of my bullet journal. I got the “Large” ones that are 51mm.


the best eraser for bullet journal

Everyone knows these are the best erasers, right? Seriously though, I’ve used many erasers – in art school we were required to buy many different types of erasers for drawing – but for bullet journaling, and for most other things, these ones are simply, hands-down the best.

So there you have it! I hope this post was able to give you some good ideas about what bullet journal supplies are worth the money. I’ll be updating this list in the future if I fall in love with any more bullet journal supplies.

What are your favorite bullet journal supplies?

my favorite bullet journal supplies

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