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Holiday Gift Guide For The Budding Artist

I first discovered these brushes years ago in Japan. They were included in a traveler’s painting kit called “Aquash” by Pentel, which unfortunately is hard to find in the US. But you can find the brushes from the kit on Amazon, and they are amazing! You load the brush body with water, which gives you a steady supply of clean water when you paint. It makes watercolor painting super easy and fun, and also makes it easy to do outdoors! Click here to check the price.  

Fine-tip markers

I bought these markers for myself only this year, but they have quickly grown to become my absolute favorite markers EVER. Why? Because the colors are just so vibrant. They are best for kids age 7 and up. Click here to check the price.  


I had no idea what shrinky dinks were until my kids received a kit as a gift. They’re really fun! Basically, you draw on a piece of plastic, then cut it out and put it in the oven for 3 minutes. It’s fun to watch the big pieces shrivel and shrink into tiny, hard plastic bits. You can make them into jewelry, like this gorgeous charm bracelet! My kids also used shrinky dinks to make miniature iPhones and remote controls in their dollhouse! Click here to check the price.  

Colored Pencils Set

Good colored pencils are a great investment for a young artist. I actually still own the same set of high-quality colored pencils I received as a Christmas gift when I was a teenager (well most of them!). They lasted me through art school and my kids and I still use them all the time. I have seen many professional artists using THIS brand: Click here to check the price.  

Rainbow Watercolor Painting Kit

These watercolor kits are a lot of fun. They’re better for older kids, maybe 10 and up. They have beautiful liquid watercolor pots and good, thick watercolor paper that has pre-printed designs in white. So when you paint on the paper, the white areas resist the color. It lets you focus on colors, blending, and the overall picture. Perfect for watercolor beginners. Click here to check the price.  

Watercolor Paper Pad

watercolor paper pad for kids who like to paint

Nothing beats proper, thick textured paper for practicing your watercolor skills! Click here to check the price.    

DK Art History Book

The cover of a book called "Art that changed the world" published by Dorling Kindersley, showing famous paintings in frames arranged on a white background.

A good art history book can make a huge impression on a young artist. As a kid, I loved reading my DK art history book and it helped shape my artistic tastes and ideas. This book provides an excellent look through the history of art, with lots of cool artist facts and information that makes it super fun to read. Click here to check the price.  

Polymer Clay

A package of polymer clay by fimo, with squares of all colors on it.

Polymer clay can be used to make anything from jewelry to miniature sculptures. After shaping it, you bake your creation in a regular household oven, then allow it to cool and harden. Great for kids 10 and up. Click here to check the price.    

Polymer Clay Techniques Book

Cover of a book called "The Polymer Clay Techniques book" with the letters made out of clay.

With polymer clay, a techniques book is a great creativity aid. It helps answer the question of “what should I make?” and also “how can I make it?” Click here to check the price.  

Drawing Table

For anyone serious about drawing, having a real drawing table where the top tilts is a must. It makes it a lot easier to draw for hours, without getting a back ache. As an art student, my drawing table was my FAVORITE thing I owned at the time! Click here to check the price.  

Brush Pens

Brush pens are another cool innovation my kids and I have discovered in the last few years or so. They make it easy and less messy to make painterly pictures, and the colors are outstanding! Click here to check the price.    

Instant Camera

Instant cameras are like the Polaroids you may have grown up with, only a little bit smaller. There are lots of different companies making them now, but this is one of the most popular ones! Click here to check the price.  

Acrylic Painting Kit

This kit is very affordable and has everything you need to start making some paintings. It would make a great Christmas gift! Click here to check the price.    

Acrylic Paint

This paint has many applications from painting on canvas to doing arts and crafts! Click here to check the price.  

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