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The Easiest Bullet Journal Ideas For Beginners in 2021

Bullet journaling is a fun way to get your life organized while using your creativity at the same time. If you want to try it out for yourself, I’ve gathered some easy bullet journal ideas for beginners.

Unfamiliar with bullet journaling? Read about what a bullet journal is and what it’s used for, or check out my beginner-friendly guide on how to start a bullet journal.


The key page is where you list out what types of symbols you’ll use to codify your notes and to-do lists. This is where the phrase ‘bullet journal’ gets it’s name!

See lots more bullet journal keys here!


Your index page is the table of contents to the rest of your notebook. You can also use tabs to help locate different sections of your bujo quickly.

Here are some more bullet journal index ideas.

Future Log

The future log page lists out all the months of the year (or half the year if you want more room). You can write out important dates here such as birthdays, important due dates, etc.

Learn more about the bullet journal future log here.

Monthly Spread

A monthly spread (spread indicating that it takes place on a spread of two facing pages, instead of on one singular page) is where you list out the days of the month and note any important dates. You can also use it to set goals and reminders for the month.

Get more ideas for your bullet journal monthly spread here.

Weekly Spread

Your weekly pages are the main area you’ll use on a daily basis in your bullet journal. It gives you a place to plan out your week. If you want to use your bullet journal for goal planning, it helps to break down monthly goals into weekly goals, and then set daily tasks for them on your weekly pages.

Lots more bullet journal weekly spread ideas here for you to get inspired by!

For Students

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A school bullet journal is a great alternative to a traditional school planner, since it allows you to adjust it to your needs. It also gives you more of an opportunity to express yourself, if you want! You can use school pages to keep track of:

Habit Tracker

Habit tracking is a way to help you remember to build better habits – and ditch the bad ones. I’ve been making habit trackers in my bullet journals for years. Here are some examples I’ve created:

Get more habit tracker ideas.

Mood Tracker

A mood tracker is kind of like a habit tracker, but you are using it to specifically track your mood. Some people find that it helps them monitor things like depression and anxiety.


One of my favorite things about bullet journaling is making doodles! I find that it helps me slow down and relax – a great practice when your days are normally busy and rushed!

See more bullet journal doodle ideas.

Monthly Bullet Journal Ideas

Click on a month to see monthly bujo ideas, with different themes based on the season, holidays, etc.

Ready to start bullet journaling?

Bullet journaling is a great hobby that can also lead to a more organized life. If you’re a creative person, or someone who wants to get in touch with their creativity, I recommend trying it out!

If you’re wondering about which kinds of notebooks or pens would be good, check out my guide to bullet journal supplies.

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