Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads

These bullet journal weekly spread examples will help you plan out your week! Whether you’re looking for a minimalist bujo look or something more elaborate, on this page you’ll find tons of bujo weekly spread ideas for inspiration.

What’s A Bullet Journal Weekly Spread?

The weekly layout is typically a 2 page week-at-a-glance spread. It’s used like a conventional planner, to help plan and prepare for the week ahead.

While a weekly spread isn’t part of the original bullet journal method, it’s one of the most popular layout ideas.

It’s useful having a view of your week all on one page so that you will know what’s coming up. If you use it for work, it helps you keep track of meetings, deadlines, and other important dates.

You can also do rapid-logging in your weekly spreads. Some people do all their daily logging right in their weeklies and don’t do daily log pages at all.

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas

Part of the fun of bullet journaling is that you can customize your planner to suit your needs. While creating layouts isn’t really necessary for a bullet journal to be useful, many people enjoy making them.

I still enjoy using bullet journal weeklies myself and find that they add a nice rhythm to my week.

And I also love creating my weekly spreads – it’s fun to have a reason to work on something artistic every week and then to get to enjoy the result throughout the week!

Weekly Spread Bullet Journal Inspiration

Here are some lovely bullet journal weekly layout ideas to help spark your imagination.

Minimalist Bujo Weekly Spread Ideas

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Bullet Journal Weekly Spread with Themes

If you like drawing or making doodles in your bullet journal, you might enjoy incorporating some themes to your weekly spreads.

Here are some of the themed weekly spreads I’ve done in the past.

May Flowers Weekly Spread

bullet journal weekly spread ideas floral theme
My May 2018 bullet journal weekly spread.

I really had fun making this weekly layout with tons of miniature floral doodles. My inspiration was some red and white English transferware dishes that I have at home, they are the prettiest little plates and I feel like they reflect my personal style.

To make this layout, first I drew two tall rectangles on the edge of each page. I used a thin red and white washi tape for an instant border inside the rectangles, then used a fine-tipped red pen to doodle all the flowers and dots.

Would I recreate weekly spreads in my journal week after week with this level of detail? Probably not. It took me a good two hours to do all this decorating. But since I like drawing and doodling is like a relaxing activity for me, it’s fun to go all out with it every now and then.

Weekly Spread with Colorful Flowers

a bullet journal weekly spread featuring a colorful floral theme. Made using colored gel pens, highlighters, washi tape, and rose gold clip.
A neon floral-theme weekly spread from summer 2018.

In this weekly spread I wanted to reiterate the miniature floral doodles from the earlier spread with the red flowers. But this time, in color!

I used teal washi tape with white polka dots first to give some boundaries to my doodling area. Then I got crazy with gel pens and markers to make all these colorful floral doodles.

As you can see, I was pretty busy that week hosting guests, so I didn’t have very much time to fill out this spread. I notice that even if I’m too busy to “update” my bullet journal throughout the week, it’s still helpful to have written out all my to-do’s and plans and goals for the week, ahead of time. I feel like it helps me stay busy and make progress, which is pretty useful for a person like me who is always working on at least 20 projects at any given time!

Weekly Spread with Stickers

bullet journal weekly spread with hand lettering, stickers with watercolor illustrations.
My bullet journal spread from the week of June 10-17 in 2018.

These pages look like they are decorated with stickers, but it’s actually just some origami papers that I glued in! You can find some very beautiful origami papers to cut and glue just like stickers in your bujo.

I bought these origami papers from Daiso (you can find Daiso origami papers on Etsy!)

The layout for this weekly spread is very straightforward, just horizontal lines to divide the days of the week. At the time when I made this, I was always keeping an eye on the German planner community, they often used these very minimal pages with only horizontal lines – and plenty of stickers!

Daisy Themed Weekly Spread

A minimal style bullet journal weekly spread featuring yellow daisy style flowers.
My first bullet journal weekly spread!

This was my first bullet journal weekly spread, from all the way back in April 2018 when I had just learned about this creative journaling stuff. Well, I had kept a travel journal in the past but never really a proper weekly planner!

When I first started out, I was always using rulers to make all my lines straight. Nowadays I prefer to just freehand my lines, it’s faster and I think having the flaw of the natural line looks warmer and friendlier. So I just wing it!

Also, this early spread I made is proof that even if you’re an absolute beginner with bullet journaling, doodling, hand lettering/calligraphy, etc, if you stick with it over time then it WILL start to look better. I cringe a bit when I see my terrible hand lettering in this spread – but it also gives me a sense of accomplishment. I’m a lot better now, just two or three years later, having had a lot more practice. The more you practice, the better you get.

Later on, I made another daisy-themed weekly spread:

Bujo Weekly Spread Doodles

Bullet journal weekly spread with doodles, washi tape, stickers, and cute design.
One of my weekly spreads from May 2018.

In this bujo weekly spread I decided to make a cute layout with random little boxes for each day. In that week I knew I didn’t have a lot on the schedule but did have a big checklist to work through, mostly working on the earlier versions of this site! It sure has been an ongoing process…

I used washi tapes, gel pens, and some images that I printed, cut, and glued to make my own bullet journal stickers.

Weekly Theme With Sunflowers

This is a really simple theme. I started by drawing the sunflowers in the middle of the opened pages. Then I divided the pages into columns and added my days of the week scattered throughout the columns.

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