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Dorm Room Checklist ~ College Packing List

What do you need to bring to college? If you’re moving into the college dorm, you probably need more than what you think. Use this list to plan ahead so you can find good deals as you pack for college.

Dorm room essentials – 25 things you need in your dorm room HERE

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Dorm Room Bed Ideas

Dorm Room Bedding – Sheets & Comforter

For Sheets, you should definitely go for a set that will be durable and comfortable. This set is our favorite and is top-rated by over 3,000 reviews.

A microplush blanket like this will keep you warm at night, and is fuss-free.

Risers & Under Bed Storage

These bed risers give you almost a foot of extra storage space under your bed, so you can have room for some

Dorm Room Cooking Supplies

This set of dishes is perfect for students, is microwave-safe, and doesn’t get scratched up like the cheapo dishes sets from Ikea.

You’ll likely want to bring your own Brita pitcher to keep in your dorm room, to save the time running to the kitchen and since the water quality may be questionable.

Nobody has time to cook in college – with late classes, study meetings, friends, and homework (and Netflix), you’ll make your life a million times easier if you bring one of these with you to college. It’s the perfect way to have real food with much less hassle.

Dorm Room Desk & Study Things

Lap desk

These portable desktops are just what you need to comfortably study in bed or on the couch.

Makeup mirror

Dorm rooms usually do not have the best lighting, so a compact light up makeup mirror like this will be useful. Best part is, it plugs right into to your laptop USB port.

Dry erase calendar

This dry erase calendar board will help you keep track of important due dates and events for the month ahead.

Ethernet cable

Trust me, you’re gonna need one of these. Most dorms don’t have good wifi, so this extra long cable will be your lifeline!


Use these highlighters to keep your notes color-coded by class!

Dorm Room Laundry

Laundry backpack

This large capacity laundry backpack will take up much less space than a plastic hamper, and it’s light & easy to carry to the laundry room.

Slim hangers

These slim hangers are just the best – clothes don’t slide off of them, and they take up less space than plastic hangers, so you can fit more clothes.

Over the door hangers

A big over-the-door hook organizer like this will be perfect for storing sweatshirts, jackets, and scarves.

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

These fairy lights can be strung up along your walls to add a little coziness. Get a pack of these clips if you want to hang pictures along the lights!

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