Bullet Journal Index

The bullet journal index page is basically a table of contents.

This is the page where you list which things are located on which page numbers throughout the notebook.

It adds that extra layer of organization that takes your notebook from being just a notebook, to being a notebook with a system.

Bullet Journal Index Tips and Tricks

Here are a few ways you can make your index page even more useful.

1. Use categories

An open bullet journal page showing the word INDEX in colorful letters and a table of contents separated by category.

Categories help take your bullet journal index to the next level. You can create index categories like trackers, monthly logs, project notes (one category for each project), family, etc.

2. Split it in half into two columns

You can maximise your index pages by drawing a line down the center of each index page, creating two columns. Then, choose to use the separate columns for separate things. For example, some people like to separate their work-related pages with personal. It’s a small step that can easily save you lots of time finding pages later on.

3. Make a color coded index

To make a color-coded bullet journal index, simply assign a specific color to each of the different categories you created. You can then use markers, dot stickers, or washi tape to label the category pages. Here are some examples:

bullet journal index ideas

4. Add dot stickers to color code your index

bullet journal index ideas

5. Use Washi tape

Notebooks with numbered pages

If your notebook doesn’t have pre-numbered pages in it, you can write the numbers in yourself on each page (or every other page). I have done this before and it usually takes about one minute. I recommend using a pencil or erasable pen for numbering your bullet journal pages because that way if you make a mistake, you can easily correct it by erasing.

Here are some notebooks that come pre-printed with either page numbers and/or index pages:

  1. Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal (review) | view On Amazon
  2. Scribbles That Matter (review) | view on Amazon
  3. Artist’s Loft Notebook (review) | view at Michaels.com
  4. Ghost Grid Bullet Journal (review) | view on Amazon
  5. Lemome Bullet Journal (review) | view on Amazon
  6. Little More Bullet Journal (review) | view on Amazon

Alternatives to numbered pages

If you don’t have numbered pages, you can still create an indexing system in your bullet journal. I would actually recommend using the suggestions below where I talk about establishing categories to the different kinds of pages you’d have in your journal, and color coding them.

Printable Bullet Journal Index

I’ve created a simple index printable you can use as an added page to your notebook, or in a ring-bound planner of your choosing.

Bullet Journal Index Printable | Download PDF (free)

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