The CUTEST October Bullet Journal Ideas To Try For 2021

If you’re working on your October bullet journal, I’ve got some great ideas for you here. There are all kinds of October bullet journal themes you can try if you like to doodle in your bujo. From the classic autumn-themed motifs like falling leaves and acorns, to the spooky ideas like Halloween and Nightmare Before Christmas, here are the best October bullet journal ideas for 2021!

October bullet journal ideas

For this October weekly spread, I wanted it to look like a beautiful fall leaves were blowing in the wind right across my page.

I first sketched out some maple leaves using pencil in the center of my bullet journal.Then are used to different colors of my Tombo ABT dual brush markers to add shades of warm yellows greens oranges and reds to the leaves. Then I used a Sakura pigma micron pen (sometimes we just call this a fineliner) to outline the leaves. It didn’t take me very long to complete this drawing, and the end result looks very festive for fall indeed. It would be easy to continue these autumn leaves doodles throughout other October spreads as well.

How to draw maple leaves: Maple leaves are a little bit trickier to draw than other types of leaves because the shape is so unique, and they aren’t usually perfectly parallel on each side of the leaf. I discovered that there’s a bit of a repetitive pattern that you can follow when you’re drawing maple leaves that makes it a little bit easier to turn them out quickly:

  • You start by first drawing a central line for the leaf.
  • Then you draw two lines coming out on either side of it near to where the stem is. Then you have a stem and three lines.
  • From each line drawn to smaller lines that come out.
  • Then connect these lines at the tip with a curved line to the center line.
  • Finally, connect all the rest of the radiating lines to make the leaves.

October Bullet Journal Cover

Here are some fun but journal ideas that you can try for your October but the journal cover.

A bullet journal cover page for the month of October featuring illustrations of pumpkins, a black and white pinstripe bow, and dead twigs in the autumn sky.
This design was inspired by one by mrs_bullets_journal42 on Instagram.

I really enjoyed making this October bullet journal cover the features pumpkins, a black and white striped bow, dead branches, and an autumn sky. I used colored pencils to shade in the sky and the shadows below the pumpkins. These are the colored pencils I use. I used a colored pencil technique called burnishing to make the color appear smoother and more saturated.

Hello October

Example of a October by journal cover page with red orange and yellow leaves drawing with markers, on a table with coffee.

This cover page features those colorful fall leaves that we all enjoy seeing each fall. I drew the sleeves using the same technique to the one I described above. The result is cute and cheerful, don’t you think?

Cute & Spooky Witch’s Hat

An October bullet journal cover page featuring a witches hat, pumpkins, spiders and spiderwebs, with the word October written in curly hand lettering.

For this October cover page I did a cute witches hat with cute little pumpkins spiders and oak leaves. I used the Tombow Dual Brush ABT markers to color it in.

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