Bullet Journal Future Log

A “future log” is a page or pages used similarly to a calendar in your bullet journal.

Your future log gives you a yearly overview of your life. It can give you a handy visual when planning events months from now, and can help you set annual goals for yourself.

How to make a future log

Before you start making a future log in your bullet journal, think about what exactly you plan to use it for. Think about how much space you might want to be able to write in additional information once you have written in all the calendar dates.

Use A Pre-Printed Journal

If the idea of adding lots of calendars and dates into your journal sounds tedious but you still want to have those types of pages in there, you might consider getting a pre-printed journal.

I think this one is great, it has a yearly overview page already included as well as other printed and dated pages.

Here are some more pre-printed journals on Amazon.

Use future log stickers

You can actually get these really cute little stickers that have mini calendars printed on them. There are tons of colors and font styles to suit your style or the aesthetic feel of your journal. I love them because you can use them for your future log, monthly log page, weeklies, etc. They’re easy to move around in case you change your mind, and they’re so cheap it’s almost silly not to buy some.

Click here to check the prices and styles available!

The Alastair Method

The Alastair Method refers to a simplified way to hand-write the future log without having to accurately write in each and every little day of the year.

You just create some single-width columns for each month to the side. Then, if there’s an important date in that month, you make a dot in that column, and write down the details on the side of the columns (in the same row as the dot).

You don’t need to make your monthly events in chronological order – just list them as you think of them.

It’s a good, simple way to remember your events for the year without spending hours on it.

Read this post on the official bullet journal blog for the original explanation of the Alastair Method.

Is it worth it to use a future log?

In my personal experience using bullet journals and future logs for a few years now, I have found that it’s easier for me to use my digital tools than it is to use a notebook when it comes to keeping track of dates, times, events, deadlines, and things of that nature.

By digital tools I mean things like the built-in calendar app and notifications in my iPhone, which are synched across all my devices. I love the convenience of being able to set a reminder alarm for things like school meetings, doctor’s appointments, and those pesky “free” trials that automatically charge you a day early if you don’t unsubscribe in time.

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