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50 List Writing Prompts on Decluttering Your Home

I am a subscriber to the idea that the best way to get things done is to simply DO THEM. But sometimes that is not so easy. I’m talking about those times when you look over into your extremely messy room and think, “Oh where do I even start???”

The analytical mind would say to break the large task down into smaller pieces. Okay, but what if you’re feeling too emotionally overwhelmed to be able to focus on even doing that? I see you, and I have been there. Journaling always helps me. It doesn’t help me by actually doing the cleaning for me, but it does help me get closer to taking the next steps. Sometimes I just need to make a list. So I created this list of list-writing prompts to give you some ideas of lists you can make when you know you need to do some decluttering but are getting overwhelmed.

  1. Things cluttering up my desk
  2. Things cluttering up my kitchen counters
  3. Cookware that practically live in my sink
  4. The clothes I’m wearing today and how I feel about them
  5. Things cluttering up my entry right now, and why it was put there
  6. Most embarrassing places in my home right now
  7. Things that make it difficult for me to tidy up my house
  8. Things cluttering up my bedroom floor right now
  9. Ideally, when I get dressed in the morning I would…
  10. I’d love it if my bathroom were…
  11. When I walk into (or open up) my closet, I currently see & feel…
  12. When I walk into (or open up) my closet, I want to see & feel…
  13. When I walk through my front door, I currently see & feel…
  14. When I walk through my front door, I want to see & feel…
  15. When I open my fridge, I currently see & feel…
  16. When I open my fridge, I want to see & feel…
  17. What I’d love to spend more of my free time doing…
  18. What I spend most of my free time doing…
  19. How I feel about the way I spend my free time…
  20. Things I am always saving up but never getting around to using
  21. Things I stock up on and actually do use at least once a year
  22. Beauty products I own and should toss because I’ll never use again
  23. My hobbies are:
  24. I have wasted too much money on:
  25. If someone who didn’t know me came over right now and saw my house, they’d think I’m
  26. If a friend texted me, “Hey I’m right by your neighborhood, mind if I stop by and say hello?” I’d write back:
  27. If I had to leave my home forever and could only bring with what I could carry on my back, I’d bring:
  28. Items I own that bring joy to me when I use them
  29. Items I own that remind me of someone I’m fond of remembering
  30. Items I own that remind me of something negative
  31. Items I own that make my life easier every day
  32. Items I own that take up too much space
  33. Items I own that really pull the room together
  34. I need organizing solutions for:
  35. Things that are challenging for me to manage on my own:
  36. Places in my home where I/others always seem to dump stuff
  37. Place/s where I store physical copies of my important documents
  38. Place/s where I store digital copies of my important documents
  39. I just have way too much of ______ and why I keep getting so much of it:
  40. Personal stuff I need to sort out right now (or am in the process of sorting out)
  41. I am constantly losing my:
  42. Daily tasks I do that flow nicely:
  43. Daily tasks I do that could flow better:
  44. My favorite thing about my house is
  45. My least favorite thing about my house is
  46. Amount of time I currently spend cleaning every day:
  47. Amount of time I think I should be spending cleaning every day:
  48. Cleaning tasks that take me the longest
  49. Cleaning tasks I can get done in 5 minutes
  50. Longest time I’ve kept my house really clean

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