Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads ~ March 2021

Here I present my bullet journal weekly spreads for March 2021. I’ll be making my weekly spreads in advance so that you can see what they look like with and without being filled in.

By the way, if you’re wondering what is a bullet journal, that post will explain it all for you!

I’m excited to share these since it’s been a long time since I have done any bullet journaling whatsoever. We have had a very busy life since I’ve started this blog, moving house twice, moving to a different region of the country completely; I started about 3 other blogs just for fun, we adopted a dog, and then the pandemic happened.

So for quite some time now, this little blog wellella has been waiting in the wings for its chance to shine again. My notebooks and journals have sat on their shelf in the corner, collecting dust, and giving me guilt every time I glance over at them. I decided now is the time – things may never get less “busy” so I might as well just get to work instead of waiting for the right time.

March Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads – Theme

The theme for this month’s pages is greenery, and going outside in nature – something I haven’t been able to do properly for a few months now because of winter. There are no green leaves to be seen on the trees at this time of year, so I thought it’d be cheerful to make my own!

Week 1

I was inspired by Sheylara’s journal style with the layout for this week’s pages. I didn’t use any ruler or anything to make the lines perfectly straight (as you can see rather clearly as the lines are a bit wonky), but I like the style of a natural line vs one that is mechanically straight. It’s doodling, not drafting, so I try to relax and just draw and if I make some little mistakes, accept it and move on.

My March 2021 Week 1 Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

The quote on the left side of this page is from the lyrics to the song “Winning Days” by The Vines. I was such a big Vines fan back in my teenage days, I even got to see them play live in Minneapolis once. It was a fantastic show, one of those ones where the band destroys all their instruments at the end and you walk out of the venue and realize your watch’s been stolen!

Week 2

Continuing with the leaf motif, I’ve made this week’s pages very similarly to the previous week’s layout by marking out some rectangles for illustration first and then adding in the areas for each day afterwards.

My March 2021 Bullet Journal Weekly Spread For Week 2

Please forgive the dirty table – I have been sharing my desk with a kindergartener for the last 6 months so it gets a bit dirtier than usual!

I’m particularly pleased with how this bujo spread came out. I didn’t really plan it, just had a vague idea for how I wanted it to look and went for it.

I’d like to improve my drawing skills, so I think that taking more of this kind of freehand drawing risk, drawing in ink, winging it, owning whatever mistakes I make on the paper will be helpful in making that happen.

Week 3

Coming soon! check back later.

Week 4

Coming soon! check back later.

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