As the summer days fade into chilly fall weather, embrace the season! Dig out your fall flannels, cover up with a warm beanie and line up for that Pumpkin Spice.

And, of course, bring your notebooks and pens for some fun September bullet journaling and planning.

September Bullet Journal Ideas

The bullet journal ideas you’ll see for September can be hard to summarize, although don’t be surprised that fall themes are popular for this month.

You can dress up your bujo for fall by drawing leaves, twigs, acorns, mushrooms, and other natural items and plants that we typically see more of in the fall.

One thing I haven’t seen very much yet is squirrels. Here in the US we have squirrels pretty much everywhere, and they are busier than ever in the fall – building their winter nests and most of all, burying nuts.

Birds flying south in a V-pattern is another traditional fall motif that hasn’t been overdone in bullet journal art. Just throwing some ideas out there!

Alright, ready to see what kind of bujo ideas we love for September? Keep ‘a scrollin’!

September Bullet Journal Cover Page

The cover page for September will typically come before the monthly pages. Not everyone makes monthly cover pages for their bullet journal (and that’s fine) but if you love drawing and decorating your bujo, check these out.

Leaf & Twig Theme

September bullet journal - leaf and twigs
via angelfish2222

But First, Coffee

September bullet journal coffee cover page
via bujobymar

Nature Inspired Bujos

September bullet journal  cover page nature
via kogeldagboek
September bullet journal cover page trees
via plannerbynea
via bumblebujo
September bullet journal  calendar monthly spread
September bullet journal weekly spread lion
via bumblebujo
September bullet journal cover page flowers
via strawberry_bananas

September Stag

September bullet journal monthly cover page stag
via lookbullet

Cute Fall Themes – Mushrooms

September bullet journal theme mushrooms
via pine.jungle
September bullet journal theme fall leaves and mushrooms cover page
via midnabunny
September bullet journal cover page with totoro characters and mushrooms
via jannplansthings

Autumn Leaves

September bullet journal cover page with fall leaves modern minimal style
via thejournaltea
September bullet journal cover page fall theme
via louise.dahle
September bullet journal monthly spread fall theme
via my_journaling_corner
September bullet journal cover autumn leaves wreath
via bujoandbee
September bullet journal monthly calendar spread autumn leaves and fall quotes with washi tape
via artsybec
September bullet journal doodles
via plan.tful

September Monthly Bujo Pages

Your monthly pages for September can also be decorated! Here are some monthly spread elements you can include:

  • title (September)
  • list-style calendar
  • goals section
  • tasks or to-do list section
  • habit tracker
  • September memories area

Plant Love

September bullet journal  monthly tracker
via prettyinkdiary

September Weekly Bullet Journal Pages

Your weekly pages for September (if you use them) will help you keep organized for the week or even the current day.

Tiny Leaves

September bullet journal weekly spread

September Weekly With Cherry Blossoms

September bullet journal themes weekly spread
via princechaa

September Habit Trackers

September is a great time to start new habits. Many people want to start new habits for January, only AFTER they’ve lived like there’s no tomorrow in December.

You can put yourself one step ahead by starting a new habit in September that’ll help you make it through the holiday months with the least amount of damage.

Some new habit ideas to consider are going to sleep earlier or create an exercise habit tracker.

Autumn-y Mood Tracker

September bullet journal mood tracker leaves leafs
via notesfromperry

Lanterns Habit Tracker

September bullet journal lantern theme habit tracker

Nature Inspired Bujo Trackers

September bullet journal habit tracker nature
via beth_tinuviel

Fall Leaf Mood Tracker

September bullet journal mood tracker leaf
via nessasplanning

September Bullet Journal ~ Summary

Fall is a popular theme for September bujo spreads. So anything with autumn leaves or other fall nature things like acorns, nuts, and deer.

I hope you found some wonderful ideas on this page. I’d love to show you more bullet journal themes and bujo page ideas!

Please pin this post to refer to later if you like it. 🙂

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