5 Tidying Up Hacks To Make Your House Look Clean

When it comes to housekeeping, some of us are just not as good as others. My house in a perpetual state of being FAR from clean. But I’ve learned a few quick fix tips that help give the impression that it’s cleaner than it is. Just try a few of these quick organization hacks and see the difference for yourself!

1. Check your view lines

Try to keep your “view lines” neat and tidy ALL the time.

By view lines, I mean the areas of your home that can be immediately seen any time someone opens the front door, or walks into the living room.

You could include other rooms of the home if you’re daring enough.

Try not to let clutter gather on the floor in these areas.

Also, keep any table surfaces in your view lines nice and clean.

2. Put all the dirty dishes in the sink or dishwasher

I totally ENVY anyone who is energetic enough after dinner to immediately do their dishes.

Personally, after preparing and eating our evening meal I am usually so pooped that I can’t be bothered!

I’m guilty of leaving my dirty dishes out until morning.

BUT in the morning, I put the dirty dishes in the sink or in the dishwasher.

For me, having no dirty dishes on my table or on the counters is good enough.

3. Do a 15 minute clean up

My kids actually LOVE doing this.

You need to have access to some streaming service on your TV, which I guess nowadays just about everybody does.

So what we do is, we open YouTube, and we find this one video.

We play this video with LOTS of volume and we all have to work our hardest to clean up (with dancing) for the next 15 minutes.

I also love it because it gets my kids to burn off energy!

4. Do A “Black Hole” Cleanup

Sometimes I just want one room to be cleared of clutter as quickly as possible.

If I’m on my own, the fastest way to do it is this:

Get a box or shopping bag and fill it with all the clutter you find in the room. Just be indiscriminate – -if it doesn’t belong where it is, put it in the box. A hamper works great for this, too.

Then carry it around the house putting items you picked up where they go. Easy!

I first learned this method when I was a teenager. My mom and I were at home alone when my brother called and said he was on his way to introduce his girlfriend to my mom. It was the first time anything like that had ever happened and I think my mom was caught off-guard a bit.

We only had about ten minutes to get our house looking presentable so we grabbed a hamper or two and quickly decluttered. It wasn’t exactly a Konmari purge but it did the job!

5. Designate a dumping ground that’s not right in the middle of everything

Some folks are lucky enough to live in a house with really good entryways designed to park all your stuff when you come in.

If you don’t have the luxury of such home features, you must think of some solution to all the shoes, hats, coats, mittens, umbrellas etc that come off when people come home.

So, instead of leaving all our outdoor gear right there, I found it works a little better if we designate another closet or nearby room to leave things.

It’s not the easiest, but it does help.

Installing a nice looking, multi-use entryway shelf or bench can help give you more storage in your entryways as well.

More Tidying Up & Organization Hacks

I hope you like these tips! If you’re naturally messy, keeping the house tidy can be challenging, but hopefully if you remember and try some of my tips you’ll be able to make some baby steps to a tidier home.

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