Bullet Journal and Planner Lover Gift Ideas for 2018

These aren’t your typical bullet journal supplies – they’re all a little bit special and unique, the kinds of things that are fun to give and receive as gifts, while still being true to the journals/planners interest. If you’re looking for more basic bullet journal supplies for beginners, check out my other post here.

Got a specific budget in mind? I’ve created this list with different price points to give you some options based on your budget.
We’ll start with the less expensive gift ideas and move our way up to the more expensive ones.

$1-$5 Gifts

Planner Clips

gold clips with beaded glass charms

These planner clips have adorable glass balls filled with tiny gems. How precious…! Looks like they’d be a great way to jazz up a dull bullet journal or planner. And the price is fantastic!
Click here to check out the planner charms by PaperMuseKrafts on Etsy!

Diamond Pen

Maybe you can’t afford to give a real diamond, but you can definitely afford one (or maybe several) of these pens!
Click here to check the price.

Sassy Stickers

humurous planner stickers for grown ups with audacious words!

I’m sure whoever you give these planner stickers to will get a good chuckle!
Click here to check out the funny adult stickers by The Delightful Unicorn on Etsy!

Planner Bands

planner bookmark and pen holders

These colorful planner bands hold your pen, keep your page, and keep your notebook shut when not in use. They look like they would fit many kinds of journals and planners, too!
Click here to see more planner bands from TheWiredDash on Etsy!

Bullet Journal Stencils

bullet journal stencils gift

Stencils make it easy to create cute banners and geometric shapes in your bullet journal quickly and easily. This set has been the most popular. It includes 20 different sheets of stencils!
Click here to check the price.

$10-$25 Gifts

Mini Watercolor Tin

mini watercolors stocking stuffer for journal lovers

Who *wouldn’t* want an Altoids-box sized watercolor set? A perfect stocking-stuffer, I think!
Click here to check the price.

Elegant Journal

Most planner/journal folks will want to start afresh for 2018 in a new notebook. Why not give them something really special, like this one with a beautiful cover design and gold-foiled page edges?
Click here to check the price for this gorgeous notebook!

Erasable Markers

A rainbow pack of erasable frixion markers for a gift idea

Erasable markers! I have some of these and I like them a lot. It’s really nice to be able to erase in my planner – and YES they really do erase very well!
Click here to check the price.

Illustrated Bullet Journal

floral planners with varying colors and patterns.

These planners come in two sizes and a few pretty floral designs. The pages are not dated so you don’t have to worry if you miss a few days or weeks. Each page has beautiful colorful illustrations. Love it!
Click here to check the price.

Bullet Journal Pen Case

a red zip up bullet journal pen case gift idea that attaches to the cover of the notebook to hold pens.

This zip-up bullet journal pen case would be an excellent gift for a planner or journal lover. It attaches to a notebook cover so it’s always where you need it!
Check it out in the Crossroad Crafts Etsy shop!

Calligraphy Marker

Tombow fudenosuke brush tip calligraphy pen.

These pens are my tried-and-true FAVORITE pens for practicing my cursive/calligraphy. They’re made for writing beautiful Chinese calligraphy but they also happen to be WONDERFUL for the hand-lettering or bounce lettering that’s really popular right now. I love using this pen. The link takes you to a listing where you get a deal on a set of 5 pens!
Click here to check the price.

Bullet Journal Mug

It is a well-known fact coffee, bullet journals, and hashtags go extremely well together.  And hey the design on this mug is just too FREAKIN adorable!
Click here to check the price on the mug.

Alphabet Stamps

A wooden box of letter stamps

This is a cute set of letter and number stamps that look very nice when used in a bullet journal or planner. I found them for half the price of what I usually see them for in my local stationery shop, and yes they ship from the US.
Click here to check out the alphabet stamps!

$25-$50 Gifts

Bullet Journal Kit

A bullet journal starter kit with a notebook, pen case, ruler, tape, and pencils.

I think this bullet journal starter kit would make an excellent gift for kids, teens, and adults alike! Looks like the materials are great quality and it’s a great deal for all the stuff you get!
Click here to check the price.

Planner Bag

A larger zip up case that attaches to a planner notebook that can be used as a purse.

So this is like a purse for your planner! Keep everything you need – pens, phone, stickers – in the zippered pocket or easily slip it in and out of the front pocket. And it comes in lots of really, REALLY cute fabrics.
I seriously want one, y’all…
You gotta check out Simbiosisbyjulia on Etsy and see more of the pretty planner bags!

Fountain Pen

A gray lamy fountain pen.

This is a Lamy fountain pen that comes with a box of extra ink cartridges. These pens boast a beautiful design, nice weight and quality build. They feel great in your hand!
Click here to check the price.

Hand Lettering Kit

Handlettering kit including many brush pens, eraser, and a guide on how to do modern calligraphy with markers.

This kit would make a fantastic gift for someone who loves bullet journals and planners and would like to improve their hand lettering calligraphy skills! This kit includes all the quality pens that you need to produce superior results, and all the instructions you need to get there!
Click here to check it out in the HandletteredTruth Etsy shop!

Calligraphy Kit

A more traditional calligraphy kit inside a beautifully packaged box. Nibs, ink, a pen and a book.

Here’s another calligraphy kit that’s a little different from the previous one. Like the one before, it also has beautiful gift packaging, but this one is a little more old-school with a dip-style oblique calligraphy pen and ink. It also comes with some practice instructions. Looks like a lot of fun!
Click here to check this kit out in the WildflowerArtStudio Etsy Shop!

Lux Desk Set

An acrylic desk set with rose gold accents: a stapler, rose gold staples, a pen cup, and tape dispenser.

This beautiful desk set would make a great gift for the girl who loves all things chic and luxury. And yes, it comes with rose-gold staples!!!
Click here to check the price.

$50-$100 Gifts

Leather Bullet Journal Cover

A red leather bullet journal cover.

This is a leather cover that fits an A5 journal such as the typical Leuchtturm1917 notebooks used for bullet journaling. I would pick the red one (it looks like my shop logo!) but they come in other colors, too!
Click here to check out the UncommonElephant shop on Etsy for more gorgeous planner covers!

$100-$200 Gifts

Mini Photo Printer

hp sprocket sticker photo printer

This is a mini printer that wirelessly prints from your phone onto sticker paper, using NO ink. I’ve seen lots of people using these little printers to add photos into their bullet journals and planners. Looks like it would be a lot of fun and a great gift. There are a few different brands that make these little printers, so you probably want to do your research and compare before buying. Don’t forget photo paper!
Click here to check out mini printers on Amazon.

Artist’s Markers

A set of Copic alcohol markers.

So these markers – A friend of mine keeps showing me examples of how AMAZING of results you can get with them. They are double-sided and very good for blending colors.
Click here to check the price.
(they’re expensive! Here’s another brand that has similarly gorgeous results for half the price…)

Leather Planner Wallet

I think wallets traditionally make great gifts, especially a high-quality leather type that’ll last for years and years. Well, here’s the wallet your planning friend will love. It’s actually a “pocket” size organizer, with rings so you can add in note paper, planner pages, card-holders, or even zip pouches. The “personal” size ones are a bit larger but about the same price.
Click here to check the price.

Cutting Machine

Guys, you might not know what this is, so I’ll explain. It’s a cutting machine. You use it to cut precise shapes out that you’ve designed on the computer. You can use it to make your own stickers! (I seriously want one so bad).
Click here to check the price.

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