How To Create A Morning Routine

Having a morning routine makes waking up every morning a real joy. But getting started can seem daunting. In this post, I’ll break down how you can structure a morning routine so that you can start having more productive mornings. Eventually, going through your morning routine will become so effortless that you forget you’re doing it.

Before I share this morning routine starter kit with you, I want you to know that I don’t think you should use a morning routine to become like a robot. It’s not about turning yourself into an efficient machine. The purpose of a morning routine is taking care of yourself first so that you can face the day with joy and eagerness and be prepared to handle all the day’s challenges.

Step 1: Drink Some Water

Drinking water should be the first thing you do immediately after waking up. When you sleep, your body sweats over 1 cup’s worth of water. So, drinking water first thing can help you begin to replenish some of what was lost overnight, and to prevent dehydration.

I’m not one of those people who will say “you HaVe to drink sixTEEN OUNces of water when you wake up!” I just know that having a few sips right away, even before I get out of bed, helps me feel like “okay, I’m awake now and I’ve drank some water. Let’s get up.”

Step 2: Use The Bathroom

After you get up out of bed, use the toilet, wash your hands and face, and brush your teeth. Brush your hair, put on makeup, et voila. You’re like a brand new you. Ready for anything… well, after getting dressed, which is the next step.

Step 3: Get Dressed

Whether you will be out and about for the day or staying at home, it’s always a good idea to get dressed quickly in the morning. Dress your best, that’s what I always say!

As a full time blogger I am home most of the time, but I never spend the day in pajamas. I came up with a “daily uniform” to make dressing for the weekdays easy-peasy.

Step 4: Nourish Yourself

I was going to call this part “feed yourself” but I realized it’s about more than eating something for breakfast (which you should also do). Nourishing yourself involves not only food but also getting some time with your family or people you care about. So it’s having breakfast, or just having coffee or tea, and chatting with the people you live with. “How are you? Did you sleep well? Busy day today?” You can share your plans for the day, too. Go over the important things that are going to be happening. If you live alone, reach out to someone via text for some virtual morning coffee chat. Or see what your buddies are up to on social media, let them know you care. Feeling a connection to other humans is something we all need as much as food and water, don’t starve yourself of this!

Step 5: Focus

The last step of this morning routine is to focus. You can focus in your mind or write it down if that helps. Start by focusing on what’s really important to you, overall. What are you most grateful for today? Can you feel a sense of duty to make the most of today, in appreciation or honor of the things that are important to you? Then, think about your goals – in life, or at least for this year. Then think about what you can do today to help accomplish those goals. Emphasis on “can do” because you must realize that one simply can’t do everything in one day. Just accept a limited amount of things you can do in one day, and then commit to doing them.

Ready to start your Morning Routine?

What you do after your morning routine is, of course, up to you. But hopefully this morning routine example will help you get started.

I know this morning routine works well for me because it’s more or less what I have been doing for the past couple of years and it’s made a huge difference in what I’ve been able to achieve. It might seem really basic, but I think that helps make it easy to do and easy to stick to and really build into a true routine. It’s all about preparing yourself mentally and physically to be ready for, and excited about, your day.

My REAL morning routine is the same as I have described above – with a little bit extra because I am also getting a few extra things ready for my family every morning. You can add some other things into your morning routine, too, as you see fit. It’s not one size fits all. But hopefully this template gives you a starting point if you feel like you need one!

More Morning Routine Ideas

  • Wash the breakfast dishes
  • Put clothes in the washer
  • Do a crossword puzzle
  • Wash your face
  • Discover a quote
  • Meditate
  • Write morning pages
  • Drink water with lemon
  • Keep a dream journal
  • Practice intermittent fasting
  • Stretch
  • Go for a short walk
  • Brush your teeth
  • Do a sudoku puzzle
  • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • Say affirmations
  • Read a book
  • Drink coffee
  • Vlog
  • Drink tea
  • Read news
  • Put on makeup
  • Use a foam roller
  • Make your lunch
  • Go for a walk
  • Floss your teeth
  • Practice skin care
  • Visualize your day
  • Exercise
  • Drink water
  • Be grateful
  • Weigh yourself
  • Write a list
  • Take vitamins
  • Scrape your tongue
  • Get dressed
  • Blog
  • Do a breathing exercise
  • Use mouthwash
  • Journal
  • Read a poem
  • Write down your ideas
  • Take a cold shower
  • Do yoga
  • Stretch
  • Take a shower
  • Make your bed
  • Chat with a loved one
  • Listen to music
  • Walk the dog
  • Listen to a podcast

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