Kids Summer Journal – Free PDF Printable!

I made a FREE printable summer journal for kids. It’s a PDF that you can use to make a real paper journal for your kids. Or you can use it as a baseline to create your own version!

I based my kids summer journals on one I had been given by my grandmother when I was a kid. It was a premade journal called “Pages and Pockets,” published by the AmericanGirl Library. I still have that little journal and it’s one of my favorite treasures.

So in my kids summer journal, I included some of the self-reflection journal prompts that had clearly been the most intriguing to me as a kid.

I also made a few summer-specific additions, such as a summer reading list and some summer bucket list type writing prompts that I thought would be fun for kids.

Click here to download the PDF.
Don’t forget to see the printing instructions below!

Printing Instructions

It took me a few tries to figure out what printing configuration was needed for this to print out in the proper order. Here are the instructions on a mac computer.
In order to print the kids journal so that all the pages fit together properly when folded in half, as shown, you’ll need to open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Then go to the File > Print dialogue and click on the button for “Booklet.”

Then, click the “Printer…” box on the bottom and go to the Layout dialogue. Make sure it says “Short-Edge binding” in the Two-Sided selection box. Then press “Print” and it should print like mine.

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